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Kinky community for BDSM dating and fetish contacts

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Whether you’re a seasoned kinkster or just curious… A dominant or a submissive plaything… A relationship or a special kind of adventure… Passion is everything, and near you.



Dirty talk can be a start. Check out our mistress chat room. Open your own fetish room or check out our existing chat rooms. Live your passion!



The BDSM and Fetish Forum is full of real, naughty and sizzling experience posts and discussions. Here you can get answers even to questions you haven’t asked yourself before.

Sexy foot for fetish

You owe it to yourself to find a fetish chat

You have no standards, find fetish contacts near you for BDSM dating, role-playing and more. You know the fetish cosmos is huge: from foot fetish to underwear fetish, rubber fetish, latex fetish, leather fetish, nylon fetish… Yes, it’s a long road to the fetish horizon–and for the most daring, it goes on and on beyond the horizon of unimaginable pleasure!

A large selection of fetishes for all tastes

BDSM toys
Hard fetish

Looking for fetish dating near you is where you will find the perfect person, the perfect match for you. You can look at all kinds of people in our profiles and photos, you are sure to find the one you are interested in on this fetish chat site that will finally come to you. We are all different in both taste and color. This special site is for anyone who wants to find a date, meet someone new, make friends and more. Start connecting with people who are online and live near you.

Natali Monro new in fetish

I thought there were no people who shared my fetish. But here I found not only fellow thinkers, but also a permanent partner.

Natali Monro

Milly Hy in BDSM dres

My husband and I experimented a lot. Thanks to you we tried swinger meetings, we liked it madly.

Milly Hy

Roby Copp like BDSM

Found a lot of good fetish, no problem finding a mistress online. Right now I’m actively looking for a swinging party.

Roby Copp

This is where fetish starts with MyFetishChat

Learn all about the dungeon and its fetishes, in the world of masters and sabmissives an important element is fetish, especially it can be feet or other elements of the human body. Talk about it in the adult channels on the subject of fetishism in our BDSM chat room for people who like fetishes in the BDSM world.
Сhat platform for adults 18 years and older. In our mistress chat room you will find people who are looking for love, variety, pastime and beautiful erotica. Don’t wait long and start your first fetish chat!
All participants and/or models featured on this site are 18 years of age or older at the time of submitting an image to this site in accordance with national law. In addition, all members of this dating site must be over the age of 18.

Explore the Thrill of Femdom Chats & BDSM Chat Rooms

Discovering your deepest kinks or simply exploring the world of fetish chats doesn’t mean taking a risk in the physical world. At MyFetishChat, you can connect with a large community of individuals in real-time chat rooms – minus the risk of actual physical encounters. Whether you’re seeking a partner for a submissive/dominant relationship or simply wanting to connect with like-minded people who get your fetish, our femdom chat rooms are available for anyone with an interest in BDSM.

MyFetishChat’s bdsm chat site is designed to be a safe space for individuals to chat in real-time. We offer a variety of chat rooms that cater to all types of interests. Sub Dom Chat Room is a place where Dominants and submissives can find stimulation and conversation with like-minded individuals. Femdom chatrooms are intended for those seeking another dominant in a chat setting. Femdom webchat allows you to connect with others on topics related to domination and submission. Our bdsm chat line and femdom chat line are both available as one-on-one or group chat options.

Unleash your inner self and explore the world of femdom chats and bdsm chat rooms and chat lines. At MyFetishChat, we take pride in creating a safe space for BDSM and fetish enthusiasts and offer a variety of chatroom options. Beyond the safety of your computer or other devices, you can feel confident in engaging with like-minded individuals without the physical risks. Find your perfect chatroom today and join the conversation.

Discover the Kinkiest Femdom Chatrooms Now

Are you looking for an immersive femdom-focused chat experience? Look no further than MyFetishChat, the online community for those who enjoy indulging in twisted conversations. Our mistress/slave chatroom allows you to unleash your darkest fantasies of power exchange and dominance without fear, as our users understand and embrace the fetishes of their peers.

At MyFetishChat, there is something for everyone, no matter your orientation or what level of dominance or submission you prefer. Join one of our femdom-oriented chat rooms and you will be welcomed with open arms. Explore whatever it is that you’re into in a safe and secure environment, with users that come from all walks of life, no matter the gender.

You might even be surprised to find out that the craziest ideas have become an integral part of our femdom online chat. Enter our chatrooms now and make your deepest fantasies come true. Talk to like-minded individuals who truly understand the power of dominance and submission, and explore all the possibilities right now!

Find a Community And Empower Yourself Through Free Mistress Chat

Connecting with others who share a similar interest in the fetish scene can be very liberating and empowering. At MyFetishChat, we strive to create an online environment that is fun and safe for people to explore their interests with others who understand what they are going through. We offer free mistress chat, bondage chat rooms, and fetish chat sites to provide a safe and secure platform for individuals to find a community and explore various fetishes.

The community that exists on our free mistress chat platform offers unique opportunities for people to explore their fetishes without fear of judgement. Our live chat rooms offer members the platform to discuss varied topics on the fetish scene and to enjoy exhibitionism and voyeurism. Additionally, there is a wealth of valuable resources and tools available, such as restricting the chat and the presence of moderators to ensure your experience is safe and secure.

Our free bondage chat rooms let members create their own space to express themselves and connect with those who share their interests. Members can exchange titillating stories and erotic fantasies in a safe environment without the need to worry about parental controls or interference from “real-world” laws. We understand the need for discretion and security, which is why all of our chat rooms are password-protected and only viewable by registered members.

MyFetishChat is a great platform to explore and be part of a safe fetish community, with free mistress chat, bondage chat rooms, and fetish chat sites allowing individuals to find a like-minded community. For those who are new to the scene, our chat rooms provide support, advice, and resources to help new members hit the ground running. Whether you’re a voyeur or an exhibitionist, MyFetishChat can help you find a home within our safe chat environment.

The Exciting Atmosphere of Femdom Chatrooms

Chatting on femdom chatrooms or in a femdom chat room is a great way to explore your fantasies and fetishes, as well as connecting with like-minded people from all around the world. Whether you are looking for a mistress slave chat or a free mistress chat, our private fetish chat rooms offer the perfect platform to let your inhibitions free and establish the type of relationship you are looking for.

Plus, with such a variety of fetish chat sites out there, you can easily find a femdom online chat to find mistresses and subs who share the same interests as you. Do not hesitate to join some of these chatrooms and you could soon discover new and exciting facts about yourself as you look into the depths of your deepest desires. There’s no shortage of interesting conversations that arise in a femdom chat room and you could even make some friends for life. With so many avenues of exploration, the possibilities are endless and you are sure to have a fulfilling experience.

Connect Instantly with Interested Singles in our Free Bondage Chat Rooms

For those who are BDSM and kink-minded, MyFetishChat is the perfect place to explore your inner desires. Our free bondage chat rooms provide a safe and friendly environment to make a connection with like-minded individuals. We have a variety of chat rooms dedicated to different interests, so you can easily find free bondage chat rooms that cater to you. Whether you’re looking for a femdom chat room to discuss female domination, or a mistress live chat so you can engage in a mistress chat, we have it covered. Our user-friendly platform helps you find and make a connection with interested singles in no time at all. Plus, all our members are open-minded and accepting, ensuring you can express yourself without judgement. Sign up for free today and join our free bondage chatroom today to find a compatible partner.