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In order to successfully search for other foot fetishists on, you need to know a few things about foot fetish. We provide a summary of the most important of these here.

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Finding a foot fetish on the Internet

Hardly anyone likes to confess their foot fetishes in public. Because even today, there are still prejudices about fetishists that no one wants to voluntarily expose themselves to. The fetishist is no exception.

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I found a lot of fans of foot fetish. A lot of attention to my feet. I did not even suspect that such things can be done with my legs.

Missy Main

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Looking for a man who loves feet, found a great community where feet are worshipped. Best foot fetish chat room.

Olga Moon

Sang Mal want women's legs

I want women’s legs. Very much like chatting with people who are also into foot fetish. After the chat there were a few nice meetings.

Sang Mal

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